Thursday, August 7, 2008

Poll Time! Do You Hate This Layout, Or What?

Welcome to today's installment of "Keeping Busy to Keep Teh Crazy At Bay!" So it's poll time, my precious little squirrels. I want your opinions. Do ya hate Blogger? This layout give you a pain? Or are you as terrified of change as I am, and want nothing to change at Inverse Candlelight? Do you not care at all, with a vengeance, even?

I've made a mirror site at Wordpress, and I'd love your opinion. Do we stay here, on our comfy Blogger couch, or move on up to the East Side? Take a look over at Wordpress, and come back to vote in the poll! Please? I'll give you a hug!


Anonymous said...

I'm biased - I heart Wordpress.

miz_g said...

option 3! come to TypePad. give me a shout and I'll get you a discount code to try it.

sweetney said...

i vote going to typepad as well. and buying URL "" NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, which *appears* to be available! DOOD.

if not, stick with blogger and customize. switching to wordpress makes no gotdamn sense.

Colleen said...

I tried out Wordpress. All I can say is I was intimidated. I felt like I didn't know enough yet to use it. Blogger is so simple. And... I found that a lot of my photos and videos didn't transfer so it wasn't going to be an easy move.

But... I do love the look of Wordpress.