Saturday, August 9, 2008

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties: Please Be Patient

I know, I know, the site looks different every 15 minutes. New Blogger layout? Wordpress? GASP, TYPEPAD? Typepad makes me feel dumb. I find myself yelling at the screen a lot. And having the urge to suck my thumb. Which always helps. Blogger is like the kindergarten of the blogging world. Put the little blocks in order, press the little pictures, all done, yay! You may go outside and play now.

This is what paralyzing boredom does to a person.

Things That I Have Given Way Too Much Thought To Lately:
  • What on earth did that bloody cat eat that could result in so much horror on my carpet?
  • My parents are returning from Europe - What will be the prezzie situation, and will it include a sexy European man folded neatly in a garment bag? (Ventilated, people! I'm not heartless!)
  • Speaking of sexy, will my confession of The Pink Shoes of Shame mean I will be forced into celibacy for eternity?
  • "America's Got Talent?" Perhaps. "America's Got The Dangerously Insane?" For certain.
  • Watching Intervention: Totally counts as a meeting, if I drink coffee and talk back at the screen, right? Plus, I can do it in my jammies.
  • I'm serious, WHAT did that cat EAT? I need stock in carpet cleaner.
  • HTML: Will I ever learn it? More accurately, will I ever stop pretending I WANT to learn it?
  • Living across from Friendly's, which is the crack den of ice cream: Morbid obesity imminent?
  • Facebook status updates: Why am I obsessed?
  • Making lists on blog: Please stop, implores internet.


kristabat said...

Re: Shoes of Shame... No need to feel pitiful, really. I'd go so far as to say that I am a Crocs *advocate*. I definitely have 4 pairs in a variety of styles (one regular, one flip flop, and two mary-janes) that I wear OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE. Regularly! Much of my style has fallen prey to comfort of late. And I don't give a rat's ass. So there. Shame for me! Not for you!

Anonymous said...

WE tease youa bout the Pink Shoes of Shame because we love you. And as for the constant layout alterations, the good news is that every change is an improvement so far. I am kinda hating my stock Wordpress layout at the moment.